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The city triangle MONT

MONT is no mountain top, it is more like a triangle in which cities and communities on both sides of the German-Dutch border intensify their intercommunal cooperation.  Münster, Osnabrück and the network city Twente, consisting of the local communities Almelo, Borne, Hengelo, Enschede and Oldenzaal work together in MONT. International cooperation of the major cities of the Euregio area has existed for 17 years now. With this border-crossing cooperation the member cities want to face the social and economic problems together and at the same time they try to make a firm stand by distinguishing themselves from other cities in the European arena of forces. But what is more important is that this communal network is meant to support the process of people meeting each other across the border in this region.

The major examples of projects that are launched by the representatives of the city triangle are the motorways A1/E30, the railway line Amsterdam-Berlin, the railway connection Münster-Enschede and the introduction of the glass fibre technology.

MONT is also important as a target area for European promotion programmes. What the member cities cannot do on their own, they can do together, i.e. to get financial support from sponsors for common projects. This helps the region to further expand its international competitive position, it helps the cities, but most of all the people that live there.

Therefore, it is important to work out a better profile for the cross-border region with its centres close to the border, so the city triangle with its potential and chances can be perceived in a much more positive way.

By this cooperation in the MONT triangle, the citizens and institutions in the cities will be able to exchange knowledge, experience and interest more easily in order to make the last border obstacles disappear as soon as possible.

From this website, the users can go directly to the homepages of the cities belonging to MONT - another small element to facilitate mutual contact.




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