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If you’re searching for some great presents and souvenirs from Osnabrück, take a look at the online shop of the Tourist Information:

Tourist Information Osnabrück | Osnabrücker Land

Bierstraße 22-23, 49074 Osnabrück

A small selection of the products:

Osnabrück hobbyhorse wine gum

With 20 % fruit juice. No preservatives, no artificial colouring, gluten and lactose-free (150 g).
2,95 €

"Good Morning Osnabrück" Cup

Porcelain coffee mugs decorated with the silhouette of Osnabrück, dishwasher safe.
8,95 €

Hobbyhorse riding jigsaw puzzle

Recalling the events of 25 October 1648 when the long-awaited Peace of Westfalia is proclaimed from the stairs of the Town Hall in Osnabrück. 500 pieces, 33 x 47 cm.
9,95 €

Sweet souvenirs

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