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The Countryside

Osnabrück is surrounded by a charming countryside that offers many recreational activities. Whether you enjoy walking, cycling, jogging or mountain biking – with around 2,300 km of long distance and circular footpaths in a romantic landscape and 1,500 km of bike paths, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. The ridges of the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehengebirge  shape Osnabrück’s surroundings. Most of the region is part of the nature reserve TERRA.vita, a European network of nature parks.

The Varus Battle – Museum and Park Kalkriese

The devastating defeat of the Roman legions of Varus in the year 9 AD against the Germanic tribe is legendary. The victory of Arminius was supposed to be the beginning of the end of the long-lasting Roman Empire. Where and how exactly Arminius succeeded offered a lot of speculations and myths. In 1989, the site near Kalkriese was discovered by archaeologists and the excavations are still continuing. Nowadays, Kalkriese is one of Europe’s most important excavation sites and experiences international recognition. In 2002, the new museum opened with an observation tower standing 40 meters (43.7 yards) high. The museum was awarded with the European Heritage Award in the category "Archaeological monuments" in 2005. It is up to now the only archaeological institution in Germany awarded with this prize. Far known are  Kalkriese‘s spectacular events such as light and sound productions or northern Germany’s unique Roman Days.

2,500 kilometers cycling experience

Ten attractive cycling tours with varying themes, four long distance bike trails and a total of 2,500 kilometers marked routes - we present you three selected tours.

Lower Saxon Mill Tour

The "Lower Saxon Mill-Tour" takes you on 405 kilometers by bike from mill to mill. The longest cycling tour introduces visitors to the different landscapes of the nature reserve UNESCO Global Geopark TERRA.vita in the Osnabrück region: the gorgeous, flat Artland region and the diverse routes across the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest.

Artland Cycling Tour

In the 18th century, the competition between wealthy farmers resulted in this unique farm culture. On 150 kilometers you can experience magnificent halftimbered houses with elaborately carved gables in a park-like landscape. On some farms, a small café invites the bikers for a break or a "hay hotel" offers rustic lodging.

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