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Welcome to Osnabrück

Osnabrück, the City of Peace, offers a range of interesting tourist attractions and activities, unique events and quality shopping – all within walking distance.

Plan your trip with our Tourismus und Tagungsservice and Package Deal sections. Go on a Sightseeing Tour  or have a look at our upcoming events. Check out the best places to eat and go shopping or activities in the countryside.

If you’re looking for some great presents and souvenirs from Osnabrück, you can visit the online shop of the Tourist Information Osnabrück.

However you spend your time in Osnabrück, we wish you a most pleasant stay in our city.

Video: "Osnabrück - city of peace"

Booklet ''Welcome to Osnabrück''

Am Markt
Am Markt

For a first impression of Osnabrück take a look at the new booklet ''Welcome to Osnabrück''.

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