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Booklet ''Welcome to Osnabrück''

Am Markt
Am Markt

For a first impression of Osnabrück take a look at the new booklet ''Welcome to Osnabrück''.

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A video from the city of peace!

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Tourist Information
Tourist Information

Hotel reservations (IRS)


Regardless of the reason for your visit and the length of your stay, or whether you prefer the city centre or the surrounding countryside, we have the right accommodation for you. more ...

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The City card is a ticket for all buses within the city, including free admission to six museums in Osnabrück plus a voucher booklet for other interesting cultural activities. more ...

Rathaus des Westfalischen Friedens III

Osnabrück’s political and cultural life believes in the maxim: "The task of peace – committed to peace". After 5 years of negotiations the "Peace of Westphalia" that ended the Thirty Years' War was proclaimed on the steps of the Town Hall in 1648. Since more than 60 years local children commemorate this event every year with a hobby horse parade. more ...

Felix Nussbaum Haus c Lewandowski

Start with your sightseeing the midst of Osnabrück – at the picturesque market place with the Town Hall, St. Mary’s church and the old town houses. 1200 years of history have left architectural marks in the city. more ...


Osnabrück is a haven for all gourmets. This is not only because Thomas Bühner of the restaurant "la vie" was awarded with his third Michelin star. People who prefer plainer cooking will relish the fresh local ingredients which make a typical Osnabrück meal. more ...

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In addition to the wide and varied range of museums, theatres, cinemas, bars and restaurants, the city is the site of several open-air events designed to keep visitors from the surrounding area and further afield entertained all year round, night after night. more ...

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Osnabrück is surrounded by a charming countryside that offers many recreational activities. Whether you enjoy walking, cycling, jogging or mountain biking. more ...

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The history of Osnabrück began in 780, when the Emperor Charlemagne founded a mission on the banks of the River Hase. In 1002, the Bishop of Osnabrück was granted a charter to hold a market, mint coins and collect customs dues. more ...


We can organise all aspects of your event to your exact specifications. We can locate the right hotels and event facilities, organising all the bookings and making other arrangements for you and the participants in your event, making your and their stay in Osnabrück a positive experience to remember. Tel.: 0049 (0)541 323-3074. more ...

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